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In this session, hear about the results the company found and where they plan to make changes as they implement the technology in the future. Handleman has overcome the challenge of item level tagging and integrated EPC tagging on its production lines. Thank You Gay As outlined in the article, Gay's contributions to the industry were many. Turner will explain how companies can unleash the potential of EPC information with a new class of solutions that leverage the power of physical world data to drive real time competitive advantage. A friend and admirer Using EPC to Drive Down Hidden Logistics Costs Shaw Industries, a carpet and rug supplier, has developed a closed-loop system to track the movement of its products between its regional and central distribution centers by tagging its products and the associated paperwork for truck drivers transporting the rugs.

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Our panel reveals the results of that research.

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Real world customer implementations will demonstrate BizTalk R2 Work. She was always a mentor and a friend. Learn how the company increased distribution efficiency with this EPC system. Yes, many firms now offer integrated solutions. Message Message must be less than characters. This presentation will also share insight in HP's ability to leverage the breadth of its portfolio for a comprehensive solution.

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But I encourage all who knew Gay Whitney to post your thoughts below—for the sake of those who knew her, as well as those who did not. Mike Login and post your comment! Start posting your company's news. I know this is a devastating loss, but Gay would expect—maybe even demand—that you carry on. The platform uses a standard that enables EPC readers to communicate with middleware in a standardized way. This provides the ability to do a Google-like search to locate a product anywhere in the supply chain, and to find information about which interrogators read its EPC, and when. EPCglobal and the University of Arkansas, along with Coca-Cola and other companies, have been conducting research on overcoming these challenges and achieving high system performance.