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He searches his own name on Reddit? There's nothing wrong with that, even. Keep family business private. I know for a fact they both like girls His mother, in a state of "meth psychosis", is convinced the food he ate was poison, and makes him drink ipecac in order to make him better and rid him of any "poisons". You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

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I think they're both cute.

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Cole Sprouse

He sure pings like a pseudo intellectual homo in interviews. He seemed pretty smart then, too, knowing everyone's lines. R65 Why do you think Cole is not better than Timothee? Really brings out his greenish-blue eyes, and that crown beanie just adds that extra panache! Even now he looks a bit larger than Cole.

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R, she likes to peg his ass. R Cole has about 10 years more EXP than even the typical jobbing actor who starts in community theater or school plays. Since he is more delicate? Cole is a hot twink. Later, they are in a house where the basement houses a methamphetamine laboratory, which later blows up with Sarah's latest boyfriend inside. Cole hasn't acted since according to IMDB.

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