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This little piece serves to show that the journey, though hard at times, does not have to be a struggle and peace and happiness can be carried along with it. Matt Colwell 's rainbow DNA tat takes top spot for being so utterly gorgeous, creative, and capturing what we're pretty sure our DNA actually looks like. Thanks trampon76 lgbttattoo dragkingandqueen tattoo newschooltattoos chickswithtattoos libbyguytattoos colourtattoos. Many people turn to music when life gets hard. We just absolutely love this one, from the font choice to the watercolor-effect detail. Fandom pride is always awesome! This symbol can be found on not only members of the gay community, but on straight allies as well.

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We just absolutely love this one, from the font choice to the watercolor-effect detail.

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Celebrate gay pride with these 26 inspiring tattoos

How could we not do a Pride tattoo list without a literal Pride tattoo? As pride tattoos go, it is a pretty cool idea, proclaiming that the wearer does, in fact, bleed in the colors of the rainbow and it is in their blood, not a choice. It is now a symbol of lesbian strength and independence. It really is possible to love everyone. Thanks a bunch, safe travels. A post shared by vanhugo voodoofordummies on Nov 29, at 8: Thanks for letting me do it Austin.

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Get the latest from Revelist. Everyone struggles to be who they are in the world. It is a sort of hyper-bisexuality. This post is to honor some of those brave people for finally coming to terms with life and being brave enough to live for themselves and not for others. PrideMonth's officially upon us, so we get to bask in the glory of endless rainbows, colorful parades, and limitless love. Over time, it has changed from the original eight color design to the six color design commonly used today.

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