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Not unless I wanted neighborhood watch rolling upon me every five minutes because they got a phone call. If I wore this out, everyone would just assume I was super drunk when I got dressed in the morning. But you know, technically, I would wear them. I've just never been attracted to a man who sparkled. I love fur. Because I'm not a Power Ranger, no. I'm just going to throw all my stuff in this weird bag and hit the beach.

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Why exactly this setup would be desirable was one plot point among many that eluded me.

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The nose works; the eyebrows are pushing it. Especially if the manket in question was woven. I don't even know what's happening here. I don't understand who would wear this regardless of who you are or where you are going.

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Soon the contraptions which look, pleasingly, like Jules Verne-era bathyspheres are used solely on the black market, transporting the human garbage of the future back in time for the past to clean up.

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