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Boomers are somewhat more skeptical of this than Gen Zers or Millennials. Democrats vary little by generation in shares holding this view. In addition, the youngest Republicans stand apart in their views on the role of government and the causes of climate change. On balance, all generations see legal immigration as more positive than negative. Again, there are large partisan gaps on this question, and Gen Z Republicans stand apart to some extent from other generations of Republicans in their views.

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The overall number had risen from 1.

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Generation Z Looks a Lot Like Millennials on Key Social and Political Issues

But figures suggest that young people are even more open to experimentation than previously thought. Majorities among Gen Z and the Millennial generation say increasing racial and ethnic diversity in the U. Three-quarters of Millennials and about two-thirds of Gen Zers, Gen Xers and Boomers who personally know someone who goes by gender-neutral pronouns say they would feel very or somewhat comfortable referring to someone with a gender-neutral pronoun. Even so, two new Pew Research Center surveys, one of U. Thank you for your support.

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The research group suggested that social media was playing a part, with young people more likely to be aware of different sexualities because of the availability of such information on the internet. Across most generations, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say legal immigrants are having a positive impact. Among Republicans, Gen Z stands out in views on race, climate and the role of government. Among Gen Zers, Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers, male and female respondents are largely in agreement that mothers and fathers should share family financial responsibility. This analysis is based on a survey of U. There is less awareness of this among older generations.

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